Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swami Kriya Ramananda - Song of the Golden Lotus

satsanga fellowship

second installment for swami kriya ramananda, this album is not as good as 'hymn to a new age' but it continues in the flute zones of the larkin post below. some flute some cello some electronics. nice pleasant sounds for your chakras. enjoy! (if anyone knows of other albums by s.k.r., please do let me know!)

"song of the golden lotus is the most unique of the new age music yet to emerge from the west. through several years of meditation and study, ramananda has transformed the western musical system to relate to mantric sound energy potentials. thus instead of composing melodies and harmonies in the conventional sense, ramananda composes enrapturing structures of repolarizing sound energies, designed to help neutralize some of the stress and strain of modern living; and on a deep level to internalize, uplift and inspire. this album was created as an inspirational adjunct for those on the path. it is devotional music in essence and its energies are harmonious with any spiritually ascending system.

at the conclusion of the music, remain quiet for a few moments."

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