Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michel Genest - Ascension

sona gaia productions

this is pushing a little further into the 80's than i usually like to go, but i just scored this LP out in san francisco and it hit me hard. this is pure synthesizer music fantasy scapes. i see castles and crystals and fairies when i listen to this one. i mean, if i didnt tell you this was michel genest, i could release this as a limited edition cassette and put 'ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - ASCENSION' on the spine and it would sell out in 3 not demeaning mr. lopatin at all here. in fact, he is one my favorite dudes around and i love his music...but here at CV we like to share the music of our predecessors / true new age warriors / heard and unheard inspirations / vibes / space musicians. giving everything a chance to exist & enjoy AS IT IS!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marc Barreca - Twilight

palace of lights

a lovely little gem from marc barreca. instrumental dream spaces from this seattle based musician.
synths, drum machines, kalimbas, electronics, guitars, bells, sax & field recordings all combine to create some lovely soundscapes here. fog and rain and darkness and sunshine and oceans...
reminding me of nuno canavarro, roedelius, nobukazu takemura, deuter's first album, etc.....
thanks to mike p. for turning me on to this one.

go to marc barreca's bare bones website here