Wednesday, October 31, 2007

JD Emmanuel - Rain Forest Music

"Bring the beauty of the Rain Forest into your Mind"

Texas minimal/meditation/electronic musician JD Emmanuel's Rain Forest Music LP, originally released in 1981, is available for free from his own website... which is truly a site to behold. There are so many other awesome recordings offered for free download.
But for the lazy, here:
side one
side two

I furthermore recommend ALL of the tracks in the Electronic Minimal Music 1980-1983 section, especially the long, Riley-esque burner Changling

Frank Perry - Deep Peace

celestial harmonies 007

deep peace of the flowing air to you
deep peace of the son of peace to you

meditative mystic ancient gongs, bells and chimes improvisations by frank perry.
i bought his 'new atlantis' LP about 3-4 years ago on tour and really liked that one. just got this one on cd in a trade a few days ago. its also very nice. shimmering pointillistic metallic tone float. look for more frank perry albums on this blog in the future.

visit frank perry's website here -
read about DEEP PEACE here -

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Laraaji - Essence / Universe

audion recording company (syn310)

laraaji worked with brian eno on ambient 3 - day of radiance.
this is one of his solo LPs from the 80's.
totally blissed out processed electronic zither, voice and chimes.
two sidelong tracks for deep immersion, a perfect way to start this blog.
i ripped this LP back in 2004 for the now defunct orktorrents site.

visit laraaji's website here -