Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Steven Halpern - Spectrum Suite

halpern sounds (hs 770)

installment #2 in the steven halpern anti-frantic, pro-bliss sonic incense tones series. i have 3 different versions of spectrum suite. this is the first one i ever bought quite a few years ago. more lovely fender rhodes noodlings for your chakra zones on side 1. and side 2 features spacier sounds with synths, flutes, rhodes, harp, effects, etc.....tune your human instrument with this album. enjoy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The New Age Music Guide: Profiles and Recordings of 500 Top New Age Musicians

"The New Age Music Guide: Profiles and Recordings of 500 Top New Age Musicians" by Patti Jean Birosik

"Defining New Age music as music that "encourages personal empowerment, earth connectedness, space consciousness, and interpersonal awareness," Birosik has assembled a quick, handy reference guide to the genre. Entries are arranged alphabetically by artist, with each entry offering a list of New Age recordings and labels, a generally short descriptive paragraph, and specification of one or more of 16 subgenres (e.g., New Age Solo, New Age Jazz, New Age Meditation, etc.). Separate appendixes contain descriptions of these subgenres paired with artist listings and New Age record labels, addresses, and phone numbers. While descriptive entries tend to be on the thin side and much knowledge of terminology is assumed, Birosik meets her stated object of providing "a guide to facilitate the location and purchase of New Age music." Small labels and lesser-known artists are covered adequately. Price as well as usefulness will make this an attractive purchase for all types of libraries where interest warrants."

31 used & new available from $0.74

Eberhard Schoener - Bali-Agung

Eberhard Schoener - Bali-Agung
EMI Electrola
Celestial Harmonies (re-issued)

Eberhard Schoener, Pete York, Siegfried Schwab, Prince Agung Raka's Gamelan-Orchestra from Saba and Pinda.

The album ranges from solo Schoener Mellotron/Moog-scapes; the Gamelan Orchestra playing with Schoener adding subtle elctronics; and then tracks where Gamelan Orchestra + Schoener + Schoener's Prog buddies (York + Schwab) unite. Really strange record, but BRILLIANT - if listened to straight through it creates a nice little world of it's own.

Apparently there was a film made for German television of them making this album (please get in touch if you have a link to this!). As well; the entire Balinese gamelan orchestra toured Europe this same year with Schoener and gang.

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Where Schoener has attached "Tuned whistles and small bells to the chests of carrier pigeons. The birds were then allowed to fly through the gentle currents of air generated by BMW’s Wind Tunnel."