Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Sri Yantra

center for neuroacoustic research

HOLY MOTHER OF MUSIC! well...i have no idea how i missed out on this Doctor! wow....what we have here is a musical translation of the ancient Sri Yantra symbol. deep deep waves of drones. reminds me of Paul Panhuysen's 'A Magic Square of 5...' CD...this is very soothing. very mesmerizing. very dreamy. this guy has hundreds of CDs out there i think....sure will be more to come. enjoy!

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"The SRI YANTRA consists of 9 triangles arranged very specifically and superimposed on top of one another. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has translated this ancient Mandala symbol into a Sonic Mandala mathematically in two different ways. This CD was created for the Deepak Chopra seven-day workshop "Seduction of Spirit" held in San Diego, California in 1994. Visual images of the Sri Yantra and its corresponding sound frequencies formed a 45-minute meditation experience as part of the seminar. The sound vibration patterns that are generated by the complex relationship of the many sounds of the Sri Yantra make this soundtrack a very powerful tool for reaching deep states of consciousness. In both track 1 and track 2 of this CD, Dr. Thompson has played the complete Sri Yantra through a series of seven octaves. You will hear the Sri Yantra begin a mix of complex low frequency vibrations, which continually double in frequency every four minutes and become higher and higher, leading one upward. With headphones, you will be able to feel the Sri Yantra begin as a sound vibration in your body and eventually exit through the top of your head.The sounds on this CD have been processed with special 3-D recording techniques, so headphones or good stereo separation are essential for best results. This CD is best used sitting in a meditation posture with an erect spine, with eyes closed and lights dim. You may also wish to listen to it while meditating when gazing at a picture of the Sri Yantra."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harish Johari - Sounds of the Chakras

destiny recordings

a sweet tape i picked up in brattleboro. mr. johari is an expert in all things ayurvedic. on this tape, he guides you through some chakra meditations with some peaceful tamboura and chime backgrounds.
enjoy this soothing cassette!

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