Friday, March 27, 2009

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - Tibetan Bells II

pacific arts records & tapes

starting with volume 2 of this all metallic resonances record. not unlike the frank perry gems we've posted here earlier, wolff & hennings concoct lovely meditative soundscapes from all manner of bells gongs chimes tibetan bowls, etc etc. one of the pieces is even composed and performed by HAMZA EL DIN!!!! there must be a grateful dead connection here, i think mickey hart mustve been involved somehow....anyhow, enjoy these tones and zones. volume 1 and 3 to follow!

"the whole of 'journey to the end' may be thought of as comprising either a single instant of time, or the timeless reach of an eternity."
"'the endless journey' consists of three major phases. each traces a stage in the crystalline evolution of SPIRIT, whose reisdual body is now shorn off, as it is released from the last vestiges of terrestrial attachment. with leaving the body, and ascending through astral plane, spirit, lightening, is progressively stripped of all lingering mortal encumberances. then at the last, in its transcendent aspect of pure, abstract vibration, spirit sets out on its final journey through the void, across the vast of the universe."

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