Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sri Chinmoy - Meditation Sky

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ok, its about time we started dipping into the vast waters of the new age/spiritual guru/cult leader scene here. kicking things off with an LP by Sri Chinmoy (who was famously worshipped by super guitarists John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana and more) there are 2 side long pieces here. first side is solo esraj zones. simple and floating and calm. side two features Sri Chinmoy's singing with harmonium/organ accompaniment. his vocals get pretty dissonant (i.e.: he's a little pitchy) with the harmonium, so its like new age Morton Feldman, but its actually quite a soothing side. a really nice record. included is a full scan of the booklet with meditation instructions and copious pictures of Sri Sri blissed out with his eyes rolled back into his head and stuff. enjoy!

visit Sri Chinmoy's website -> HERE

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