Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ashwin Batish - Om Shanti Meditation

Batish Records

Mr. Electric Sitar Power Man, Ashwin Batish, offers up some nice modal drippings on the swarmandal (indian harp). two raga spaces for sunrise and sunset. nice mellow way to start and end your day. this is kind of a crossover post and time for me to mention my other new blog - RAGA VIBRATIONS. enjoy!

"While listening to the tape, take deep breaths and chant Om. You should feel your voice vibrating in your chest when you utter Om. This will have a very relaxing effect on your body and mind. Chanting Om in a slow deliberate manner will also help you inhale and exhale easily and evenly hence acting as a breathing exercise which in the long run will produce a marked improvement on your mental and physical well being."

visit Ashwin Batish's website -> HERE

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