Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joel Andrews - The Violet Flame

the group, inc.

here is a lovely album of harp bliss by joel andrews. 2 side long meanderings to get lost in.
one of my favorite new age record cover artworks of all time.

"the devic and elemental kingdoms are at one, and work interdependently on the horizontal grid of physical manifestation. therefore the vertical process of personal individual transmutation becomes a part of the process of planetary transformation, and through the symbol of the cross, stands as an essential link in bridging the elemental, human, and angelic kingdoms. this tranmutative work, carried out from below by conscious wielders of creative fire, when couple with the transformative activities of those dispensers of cosmic force from on high, illustrates the highest quality of co-creative effort in building a new heaven and a new earth, and becomes a practical demonstration for the vision of a new age. LET LIGHT AND LOVE AND POWER RESTORE THE PLAN ON EARTH"

visit joel andrews' website here - > HARP OF GOLD

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