Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music Through Iasos

Unity Records (UR700)

had to pull out the big VIBES since this blog was mentioned on a deerhunter blog post (thanks for the props!) which was subsequently mentioned on pitchfork (hello new visitors!)...

this is the first installment by Iasos with his record from 1975 called "Inter-dimensional Music Through Iasos" which is one of the earliest new age records i know of. this is a rip of my LP, iasos does sell a cdr of this album on his website but it sounds like a bad LP transfer. and the great EM label from japan has also reissued this album on cd, but i still think my LP rip sounds better. i hope the pictures above capture the cool gold embossed text on the covers.
this album is full of cascading, bubbling prisms of sound with a jazzy splash on a few tracks. the back cover is chock full of great new age quotes.

my favorite being the directions for "Finger-Listening":
"try this: while playing this record, rest your fingers lightly on top of the grill of your speakers (not actually on the paper cone). you can thereby absorb these musical vibrations through your finger-tips as well as through your ears. this can be useful for both charging and sensitizing your hands. for "stereo finger-listening", use one hand per speaker."

and be sure to head over to the cosmic celestial oasis that is Iasos' website here - http://www.iasos.com
"to taste the goal is to chase the goal"

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