Monday, November 19, 2007


ENVIRONMENTS vol. 5-8!!!!!!

Classic! Just classic...These records litter every used record store and thrift store in the world, it seems. Honey has been bringing them home from the bins for a while now and we've amassed quite a collection. Mostly they just sit in a neat stack on the record shelf, but every once in a while they can really hit the spot. This one "Disc 7: Intonation/Summer Cornfield" is all deep vocal chanting on side deep meditation drone ahh vibes of the highest order for 30 minutes.......and a killer sound-world of buzzing bugs and natural world drones on side two.
The Environments series of LPs predate all the crappy ocean waves + midi synth CDs of the 80's 90's and today - of which there are literally millions - and these records surpass all that sappy crappy poop music in all ways. Totally focused on tripping you mellow with an almost modernist, minimalist, scientific aesthetic mixed with just the perfect touch of 70's gauze effects...Just..tasty. Accept no imitations!

Instead of trying to sell you on these things any further, why don't i just let the people at Syntonic Research Inc., who produced these classics in proto-new age do the talking:

"´ Environments™ are based on proprietary psychoacoustic research. They are not like repetitive –sound machines.” Environments™ are incredibly real sounding -- even using earphones or an inexpensive boom box. No one whispers hidden messages in your ear. You can use EnvironmentsÈ effectively and easily for just about any activity (except disco dancing). They are neither casual nature recordings nor mere –sound experience” compilations.

« You'll probably never get tired of hearing them.

« Environments™ superb realism lets them work for you in ways all imitators and costly electronic devices cannot.

Environments™ literally convince your mind you are where you want to be.

« Environments™ are perhaps the most useful sounds ever put on tape or CD. They can be safely and easily used for relaxation, meditation, alpha inducement, self-hypnosis, concentration, sex and virtually any activity needing nonmusical sound. This renowned, carefully acquired natural music of our planet has inspired many imitators.

« The Environments™ Series are what the fuss has always been about.

« This Series has been glowingly commented upon by almost every major media source, including Newsweek, The New York Times, AP, NBC, ABC, CBS, NET, BBC & CBC. NASA even placed Environments™ aboard Voyager to help accurately represent earth's sounds to alien creatures. Millions of people worldwide use these recordings daily."

Syntonic Research Inc is STILL AROUND. their website is a bit crunk, but it says you can order 16 varieties of tapes, and three different CDs. Intonations/Summer Cornfield has not been re-issued on CD...
Syntonic Research Inc.
or this other page, which is not linked to the first

Also check out what they have to say about the series over at Julian Cope's Head Heritage

*please note, my copy is slightly warped and crackly. i actually kind of like it like that. i hope you do too.

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