Friday, March 30, 2012

Trendy scene hairstyles for girls

Scene hairstyles are a very special design and shape for them, where the top of your hair is shorter than the bottom, cut off the pony and reversed. They are known for a subcategory of Emo hairstyles are bold and bright hair colors, highlights, combinations of very short hair and long, etc. When these patterns common to cut the hair with various other incorporations inverted bob is layered and combined irregular, because they are trendy haircuts. Even if the scene with a unique method of hair cutting and styling hair short, medium or long term, can contain absolutely brings them all! Therefore, regardless of hair length, you will find both sweet and noble scene hairstyles for girls. In this article you will learn more about Scene hairstyles for girls to play with long hair, so you can take a "never" look chosen.

Recalling a scene haircut

* Before the scene hairstyles for girls with long hair, I wish you are exactly what the scene haircuts informed. As mentioned above, they define a model in which the hair is cut and then in combination with other hair, hair a representative few.
* The scene is actually a hair cut with a razor blade ridge, where they cut the hair very short (about the size of your pony), the average slightly longer hair and the background is actually very long.
* The result is very short hair on the top, so that, with a bulky side left fringe and long hair then.
* So, after the Emo scene hairstyle, you will have an attractive style long hair! Here are some options for scene hairstyles for girls with long hair must be chosen so removed.

Scene hair straightening

After obtaining the same final scene haircut, hairstyle is the first, you should try to straighten your hair. This is because the transformed scene hairstyles look perfect when they are straightened with an iron. The rigid sections that are done with the razor comb is made visible, and make it clear. After straightening the hair scene, with the edge of the comb, pull the pony on the front and give them a farewell extreme side. Separate the pony, so that more than half of them fall on the forehead and store in the Flatiron for some time. Smoother and comb the hair returned to normal, just look at the pen.

Curly Hairstyles Scene

In this hairstyle, you can first wash your hair with shampoo and condition as well. Once they are, of course, to dry and straighten comb all the knots. § your pony with the edge of the comb and give them a deep lateral separation. Remove the upper part of the hair, in which the beginning and the pony, engage in the reverse (back-combing is a grainy aspect them). Use a hair clip to keep your hair so it looks like a half ponytail. Get with a curling iron, curl the hair to lower the waves along the edge of your long hair. With an iron, carefully straighten the pony to make a nice combination of straight and wavy hair. It would certainly look at Amy Winehouse!

The addition of color to the scene hairstyles

Another great way is the stage scene long hair, her brown with bright colors such as color, pink, blonde, Burgundy, receive, etc. Most of the girls with long hair prefer to do instead of coloring all the hair that makes the haircut place greater emphasis. If you have black or dark brown hair, you can get a bright color such as blond, blue, burgundy, red, pink or white, to highlight the bottom of the hair. Bangs are not usually highlighted in the scene hairstyles but can be run on a personal choice. Since, hairstyles scene hairstyles are some of Emo, they should be radical changes in color. Accessories such as bows, headbands, clips, tiaras, etc., are these punk hairstyles for long hair is shiny.

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