Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hypnogogic Sound / Vibration Tape

valley of the sun publishing

hi friends, i really don't know much of anything about this tape. acquired it on the new age cassette black market in the dark of night, down an alleyway, you know the deal.....the music is raw, grungy, distorted, rumbling new age bubble bath. (not unlike some contemporary music by Evenings or Monsturo or Romero or something......) could be my tape copy is blown out or the recording was lo-fi or the years havent been kind to the magnetics. all i know is that it was released in 1982 (david keenan, sorry you were 25+ years too late). its part of the valley of the sun / dick sutphen new age axis. brain erasers, zappers, hypnosis, alpha/theta waves, binaural beats, MIND ELECTRONICS and all that! so my best guess is that this tape was made by dick sutphen or one of his cohorts.

enjoy the zones, its a special one.
(same program repeats on both sides, but i recorded each side because they seem slightly different to me.....)

much much more to come......

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