Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steven Halpern - Study Suite

SoundWave 2000 (SW2003)

time for another dose of Halpern. this time an affirmation cassette for use during studying. these are harmonic affirmations projected into "the same chord and frequency" as the music. signature halpern: lovely waves of electric piano and string synthesizer to soothe your brain and get you in the zone to do some learning. thanks to jay b. for the rip.

"you are now in control of your multi-billion cell bio-computer. you decide what you want to study and when. each time you listen to this tape, you make even more progress studying. learning comes easily to you. you look forward to learning experiences. studying is a pleasure. studying is enjoyable. it comes easily to you. each time that you hear this tape, your learning and studying becomes more and more effective and enjoyable."

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