Monday, November 2, 2009

Jay Arrigo - Organic Synthesis

TEA productions

ive had my eye on this record for awhile. finally found a copy out in San Fran. it has one of the coolest record covers EVER.
but the music is not much to write home about. kind of sub-par acoustic piano noodlings (a la Halpern), but not a bad record either. it has some very NEW AGE liner notes that make for a good read. i scanned in the booklet from the LP too, youll find a PDF archive of that in .zip file. don't really know much about jay arrigo at all....he had some sort of thing called TEA meditation classes or something.

"Organic Synthesis is an itinerary of the landscape of the soul - imagery for the four levels of being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - definable, related and connected through awareness, reachable through selective awareness and the colors and shapes we create for their expression. Experience the elusive melodies of fleeting moods, the energetic, pulsating spiral towards spiritual orgasm, the subtle silken imagery of joy and bliss, the clarity and precision of pure perception."


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