Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ariel Kalma - Music for Dream and Love


came across more sweet zones by ariel kalma. after having heard his album 'osmose' awhile back and sleeping on it a bit, i delved deeper into his discography and found this gem. deep meditative bliss. phased farfisa like synth, echoed distorted flute blankets, cosmic vocal incantations, ocean waves, distant filtered drums, etc. more kalma karmic bliss to come......

for optimum vibrational enjoyment, please listen to this record while sitting shirtless in the lotus position on the beach near the ocean (preferrably while wearing comfortable white pants).

"In his room under the roof in his Paris' apartment, Ariel had a music set-up playing for days and nights while he carefully tuned his voice with sound layers, echoes, drum machines... he would often enter a meditative state. Music for Dream and Love was recorded in 1979, on two occasions when Ariel remembered to press Record before embarking on his musical meditation."

visit ariel kalma's website here - http://www.ariel-kalma.com

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